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Emergency Towing


Affordable Tow Truck Services in Ann Arbor

Nationwide Roadside Assistance and their network of licensed affiliates have you completely covered for all various types of superb tow truck services. The most comforting factor is that we’re also available 24/7 for all emergency lockouts or roadside repairs needed. Our tow trucks are capable of carrying massive loads, with an excess of several tons. On the other side of the coin, you might need an emergency towing on a Saturday afternoon and we’ll be here just in case you do! Our prices are very affordable as well.

One of our specialties is off road recovery. If your car or truck is stuck in a ditch or a steep pothole in the side of the road, our company will show up to safely recover it. The same concept applies to larger sized trucks that have tipped over the side of the road.  We work in lightning quick speed to arrive on location. You can expect to see our friendly faces within 30 minutes of your call (depending on your area of service). That’s the Nationwide difference!

Certified AAA Roadside Specialists – 24/7

Our drivers and licensed affiliates offer a multitude of tow truck services that include: emergency towing, flatbed towing, long distance towing, on/off road winching, private property towing, state to state towing, light & heavy duty towing, motorcycle towing and RV towing. If you need a vehicle towed a few miles to a nearby service station, you’ll benefit most from our flatbed trucks. Our private property towing services are essential for removing vehicles that may otherwise be obstructing your driveway or personal parking location. Of course, we do all of this while being 100% compliant with our local city jurisdictions as well.

24/7 Auto Towing

Emergency AAA Roadside Assistance

Empty gas tank refills

Key stuck in the ignition

Battery Jump start

Vehicle Tire Replacement

State to state towing

Dead battery replacement

Locked keys in car

Tow Truck Services

Flatbed tow truck

Accident Removal

RV towing services


Expert Towing in Ann Arbor at the Touch of a Dial

​Our team has an outstanding roadside crew that can assist you with the removal of a dead car battery or refill your gas tank if you’ve run out of gas. As you can see, we are all over the board in terms of roadside assistance and tow truck services! Our philosophy is to provide top-tier customer support, which is often taken for granted. Your phone call is always important to us and listed as a top priority. We have accredited roadside insurance vendors with a simplified payment system. Give us a call at 734-205-8465 today to find out about our entire fleet of tow truck and their services.

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